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Message to GeNo, if you would liek to be an Author on the site please PM me on PB2 or drop a comment below. Be sure to be on chat later on because I’m going to go off on you guys.. I’m not happy about alot of things thats going on. 


Spirit says

First off, I believe that the merge is one of the best things to happen to both of our clans due to morale. It is noticeable that there are indeed a number of GeNo and Diablos members that do get along regardless of the constant conflicts between our two groups. This merge will allow these conflicts to cease; the gap between two friends due to a clan rivalry will end, and they can freely have fun once more not as enemies, but as comrades.

Secondly, if we allow the GeNo-Diablos war to continue, it will only end in disaster. Before talks of negotiation started, there were indeed a number of Diablos members who were not satisfied until GeNo falls. What this means is that this clan war isn’t just a small fun game we’ve made up between two groups. No; this war will turn into a fight to the death, where either GeNo or Diablos falls. And there’s honestly no need for any of that; GeNo was created by John and XLR and maintained by its members as a place where we can get to know each other and have fun, not get into serious conflicts. It is what put our clan above many others, and is the major reason why members like me are still here.

Lastly, as Franson had pointed out, the merge will increase our strength a 100-fold. It is an undeniable fact that Diablos has some incredibly talented members at its disposal. Imagine if we can combine our efforts together to grow stronger as one team by learning from one another; it’ll be insane.

Now granted, many of you might be doubting the merge because you’re worried that prior conflicts will rise up and there will be another split. I want to assure you all however that if this merge does indeed work out, I will put every drop of blood in my body to work with John and other leaders (including Diablos of course) to create a system that can maintain peace. It will be the first of its kind; something that not even BoZ has.

Not allowing this merge to happen would be perhaps one of the biggest mistakes this clan has ever made. We have the opportunity to end so much emotional backlash between our members and Diablos’s; to form new, great relationships with one-another without the worries of others shaking their heads in disapproval. GeNo + Diablos will not only turn into an amazing clan; it will turn into a role model for other players to follow. That it is indeed possible to play this game without getting mad or disrespecting another person.

The more time we waste thinking about this choice, the less likely it’s going to work out. So as soon as the majority of our members have approved of the decisions, we must start diplomatic talks immediately.

Make. It. Happen.


cheetah, is managing the merge,and spirit ,buhhda well be advising every move and step, and things for the future, were gonna have to cancel GeNo night. What is John’s Acc And if someone would get ahold of lazar and tell him to get on the GeNo chat room it would be helpful. You dont have to do this But we got a kik chat room.

New things

GeNo night within next Saturday make sure you in chatroom 6-you sleep. our newest members -Christina and strikingassassin ,damnation welcome to the family. and thank you all for working so hard. also reminder pb2 is having a event the developer challenge just so yall know. and thanks you for your support again


Look guys, I know there have been rumors. They are true. R1k1 left to join Diablos. I didn’t make this post to talk about this. There are more important things that you guys should be aware of.

Do not instigate or trash talk any Diablos members. We need to maintain a good standing with all clans, no matter who they are.

Message to Sethic

Goodevening everyone my name is Xlr

In regard to Sethics situation the clan has took a vote to get Sethic fired. I’m Mr. nice Guy I have a nice heart and give people chances when i feel like it. Sethic is now on Probation until the clan votes that he can come back to the clan. He is allowed to wear the tag if he wants to, however if he wants to leave that’s up to him. I’m not firing Sethic I’m putting him on probation, he is to be a Mod. on chat

Because of Sethic Mukosi left and a few others idek who left smh… but please Tburn handle the situation.

Thank you :mrgreen: love Xlr