New Site

We have created a new site, since the old one was a liability. The new site is here,, although there will be work done on this site as well, as it has become a backup.



As you all may know, the GeNo WP is in desperate need of revision. I’m not pleased with how the site looks as with most people both inside and outside the clan. Expect the WP to undergo significant changes over time.

Thank you.


Also, this site may become a backup. If we create a whole new site, I will post the link here.


GeNociDe Editor

Okay, so i’m your new Editor!(Given access by TBurn) and I’ll help out GeNo by removing inactive members, etc.

I will also try to be active on GeNo Chat

By the way, thanks tburn for teaching me about HTML codes!

Also for GeNo Forums I think that there should be a “Suggestions” section so users could vote on what feature they’d want.