Members List

+~:..”GeNoCide Members List”..:~+

King Xlr +*

John 5000 +*

iSethic +*

DevIL SmIle

Dark callz

deadlyCheetah *

Laughing Buddha

Franson *



Spirit9871 +





Sniper J



* Indicates a tester
indicates GeNo staff


65 responses to “Members List

  1. We should make a Saturday day night live thing. Where all genos by can play against each other in Dm,tdm, and coop(I hate coop) we can learn who are weakest link is and watch them improve. Play rockets. Monkeyman salv1. And we can chill out and get tho know just who is are clan.


  2. Lol now that’s I almost Saturday . It takes place at night. One game well start at 8:00 and another at 9:00 till the night is gone.


  3. Ok yall some real ass teammates. I ended up playing with strangers going to map to maps hanging out with ppl that weren’t in my clan.


  4. Hmm we should have a meet our clan members page. For example meet cheetah. Shows a picture of my avatar and below talks about my up bringing.


  5. Hello, My name is 2phone and I am here to join this new clan called ”GeNo”. Please send private messages to me or friend requests so I can join this clan and Before I do that I think you should check my pro skills either.


  6. Lol no your gonna get DENIED Plus applications on forums get tested in 3 maps and yeah good luck but most likely they are all pros here so you would most probz get rekt.

    Geno and Nephilim – PROS.


  7. Hi,Im AWP,can I join,Im a long time friend of ASDAFJOE,we met like 2 yrs ago.So what im good at Pb2 is snipers,swords,and alien shotguns and selfboosting.So,yeah thats pretty much it so I hope i can get in.


  8. add me in members list please my pb2 name is Failboat i know you are not recruiting but where i can than join?!?!?!


  9. Hi Can I Join My name is Unfrozen God and I like to join GeNo.ASDAFJOE said I could join or at least try.So Um…I like snipers and Ive been practicing alot and swords….So Im not saying all this things just do join a clan GeNo,but GeNo is a pretty good clan and Id like to join.Well….Pls reply it would be really appreciated.Ty!


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