Checking up

Our forums was recently tookin away from us, we have a new forum feel free to check it out were still working on it, thank you for you finding,


War Coming soon…

GeNo vs. SS and Tartarus

3v3 War

Sniper Team:  Cheetah or ninja, iSethic, Devil Smile, Dark callz, ASDFJOE, Maquino, Iviliss, John500(Pending…)

Railz: King Xlr, Esther, Respite,Dark callz,iSethic, Maquino, Damnation. Lazzer, John500(Pending…)

Arena: King Xlr, Cheetah, Maquino, R1k1, iSethic, deadlyninja, dark callz, Sethic, SniperJ. John500(Pending…)